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Janel knows our business is our culture, and ours is built on solid core values.


The cornerstone of respect for ourselves and others.


Your success is my success. We depend on each other.


We are proud of everything we do, so why not share it?


Nothing happens by itself. Our effort makes all the difference.


We are having fun — and we expect to be having even more fun in the future.


When you're building for the long-term, no short-term corner-cutting will do.

Janel on the Move

Janel Group Logo + W.J. Byrnes Logo

We are proud to announce that W.J. Byrnes & Co., an historic brand, has joined the Janel Group family. We are thrilled to welcome them!

Come help build the next, best-in-class global logistics services company.

We're only getting started, and we want the best to help us grow.