List 4 Tariffs to Begin September 1, Certain Products Delayed until December

On August 13, the U.S. Trade Representative's Office (USTR) announced next steps for the 4th list of Chinese goods subject to additional duties under Section 301.

Goods on 'List 4A' will be subject to 10% additional duties, beginning September 1, 2019.

Goods on 'List 4B', (including for example, cell phones, laptop computers, video game consoles, certain toys, computer monitors, and certain items of footwear and clothing) will be subject to 10% additional duties beginning December 15, 2019.

USTR has not yet published guidelines related to how shipments in-transit will be affected. A Federal Register Notice is said to be published "as soon as possible" with additional details.

The message published by USTR may be viewed here.

For assistance with reviewing potentially affected goods, questions or concerns regarding this matter, please reach out to your Janel Group account representative.