Automated. Compliant. Better.

Janel is an industry leader in customs brokerage compliance. We are ACE-ready. We have been C-TPAT certified since September 2003.

ACE? We've been ready.

Janel is on the cutting edge of Import Customs Clearance Technology. We were one of the first participants in the new ACE environment allowing us to participate in all pilot programs to expedite cargo release in ACE, namely the Simplified Entry Pilot, which allows an earlier cargo release than ACS.

A seat at the table.

Janel executives hold seats on US Customs committees, including the 14th Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection (COAC) and the Trade Support Network (TSN). This gives us a proactive role in helping modernize systems and gives you an unparalleled view on where the industry is headed.

Compliance in every transaction.

As an early participant in the Customs & Border Patrol's pilot on Simplified Entry / Cargo release in ACE, Janel Group can get earlier cargo releases for importers. Earlier cargo releases mean fewer delays upon arrival, faster delivery to market. Janel has been processing Simplified Entries since 2012.

What's in it for you?

Companies choosing Janel as their broker have seen:

  • Speedier time to market: streamlined customs clearances, fewer exams.
  • Lower costs: classifications accuracy, faster payments, better cash flows.
  • Less worry: we focus on compliance so you don't have to.