Cargo Insurance


The risk of sustaining a loss during transit may be greater than you think. By leveraging Janel’s marine insurance policy, you may be able to mitigate losses and minimize your liability and risk.

We know that insurance is often difficult to navigate. Our job is to help you understand the risks and your tolerance for them, then make the best coverage selection for you.

Important Considerations

Many importers believe that in cases of loss or damage, the freight forwarder reimburses the importer of record for the full claim value and then follows up with the carrier through a claim process to recover damages. This is a misconception.

Without marine insurance, your coverage is limited to the carriers’ Limits of Liability that only cover a small portion of your product value.

A freight forwarder is neither responsible nor liable for loss of, or damage to, your cargo. No forwarder or broker can advance money on a claim or accept deductions on invoices issued for services performed. We can, however, assist in placing insurance on any shipment at the time of booking, or provide an analysis of your current insurance program to ensure proper coverage is provided.

Janel can assist in filing claims against airlines, steamship lines, truckers, and warehouses. Shipments routed under CIF, DDU, and DDP terms are booked and arranged by your overseas vendors. Are you sure that the insurance these providers place on your cargo will fully cover you for loss, damage or theft from their factory to your door? Even if your supplier has placed insurance on a shipment, Janel can place a contingency policy at the time of booking to cover against claims not covered under an existing policy.

Cargo insurance is unregulated, and marine insurance companies vary widely in coverage and expertise. So it is important to understand exactly what you are covered against. Janel can help determine if you are covered in the event of:

  • Concealed damage
  • Debris removal
  • Pairs & sets
  • Air freight replacement
  • Repacking expenses
  • Reshipping expenses

Contact us for a cargo insurance quote for your next shipment or to conduct a comprehensive cargo insurance analysis that may help you save time and money and limit your risk.