The Janel Difference

Janel is building America's next, best-in-class global logistics services company. We want you -- customers, partners and colleagues -- to join us. Here's why:

We're customer-obsessed.

"Customer-focused" doesn't quite say it. We know that without you, there is no Janel. That's why rolling up our sleeves and going the extra mile for you is, well, a walk in the park for us.

We're industry veterans — empowered by cutting-edge IT.

Experience matters, and Janel has plenty of it, end-to-end, top-to-bottom. Advised and led by senior staff with 30+ and 40+ years in the business, our equally experienced staff has seen just about every challenge and found a solution for it. We've been doing that since the days of green screens and telephones. Today, empowered by an industry-leading operations platform, our folks are the Navy Seals of the logistics industry. You want them on your team.

We're with you when it counts.

It's easy to be friendly when things are going well. Unfortunately, logistics can be complex, and things can go wrong. If they do, Janel will be right there with you until the job is done.

We love what we do, and we want to share it.

We don't expect you to love global logistics as much as we do, but we believe in building education and innovation into every customer relationship. That means you'll have an enthusiastic partner to answer your questions, research custom solutions, train your staff (on-site, if needed), and support you with compliance and audit tasks. Even better, we'll keep you out front of industry trends, regulatory changes, best-in-class logistics practices and new security initiatives. If advanced knowledge and education are important to your business, give us a try.

We're going places.

The logistics industry is experiencing unprecedented changes brought about by new technology and global competition. Like many brokers and forwarders, Janel built a solid business over decades of hard work, discipline and commitment to customer satisfaction. Success today requires more than that, and since 2013, Janel has been building a company that keeps our customers as our central focus, continuously improves its operations, and applies IT to facilitate -- not replace -- the human relationships that give meaning to everything we do.