Importers of Food Have a Special Requirment that Must be Met.

Are you meeting FSVP responsibilities?

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FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) is a recent FDA program requiring every company bringing food into the United States to have a US based representative responsible for keeping records on their supply chain. 

Food Included in the Regulation Registration pertains only to facilities that manufacture/process, pack, or hold food, as defined in 21 CFR 1.227, for consumption by humans or animals in the United States.

FSVP Does Not Apply To These Foods:

•      Fish and Fishery Products (in compliance with part 123), or certain ingredients for use in fish & fishery products in compliance with part 123

•      Juice (in compliance with part 120), or certain ingredients for use in juice products in compliance with part 123

•      Food for research or evaluation

•      Certain alcoholic beverages, & ingredients for use in alcoholic beverages

•      Certain meat, poultry, and egg products regulated by USDA

•      Food imported for personal consumption

•      Food that is transshipped

•      Food that is imported for processing and export

•      U.S. food that is exported and returned without further manufacturing/processing in a foreign country

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