Blind Shipments – Shipping Direct to Your Customer

Importers often bring shipments into their distribution facility to check on quality and perform activities prior to exporting them to the end customer.

In many cases, these operations can be performed overseas, negating the need to bring the merchandise to the USA. You can avoid the increased tariffs and reduce your shipping/logistics expenses.

Protecting Your  Sourcing Information

Janel can swap commercial documents at origin. Your client will receive documents showing you as the shipper. The shipper will not know who you are selling to and your buyer will not know the supplier.

This way your sourcing information is protected.

Janel Has a Worldwide Network of Partners

•      Our network of partners is based on the same service standards that Janel prides itself on.  We control the transaction.

•      Our partnerships are built on capability and service vs. equity ownership.  This is the power of choice.

Our Tracking Capability Is Second To None

•      Janel can provide tracking information down to the item level.

•      In addition to an almost real-time web based customer portal, Janel can provide customized reporting that meets your business needs.

•      The most effective reports are exception based but our database is flexible, allowing for expansive customization.

Please watch this brief video.